Advocate for Funding your Organizations Need

To: All Members
Governor Murphy will unveil his proposed FY2021 budget on August 25 and your voice is urgently needed to help ensure that the budget includes sustained and increased funding for the life-saving services you provide.
Please join NJAMHAA in advocating by taking these critical steps right away:
  • Send a letter to your local legislators. Click here to download a template letter for you to customize.
  • Send a letter to your local media. Click here to download a template letter for you to customize.
  • Visit this site to send a message to Governor Murphy. In the drop down box under Topic, select Addiction Services or Mental Health Services. Fill in the rest of the form with your contact information. In the Subject line, write FY21 Budget, and then paste the following text into the message box:
Dear Governor Murphy:
Mental healthcare and substance use disorder (SUD) treatment services continue to be in great demand and highly effective. The demand has been increasing exponentially due to the coronavirus pandemic, as well as social injustice, and it is expected to continue growing long after the public health emergency is declared to be over.
The FY2021 budget must support increased capacity for mental healthcare and SUD services, so tens of thousands of New Jersey's adults and children in need of these services will not have to go untreated or seek treatment in emergency rooms, an inefficient and costly alternative. Adequate funding to avoid layoffs and program closures in the community-based behavioral health system is essential.
I urge you to stand with the State Legislature in fully funding behavioral health services for a healthy New Jersey, as well as the health of the state's bottom line. Thank you.
  • Send a Tweet.Paste in the following message on Twitter:
Please @GovMurphy, sustain and increase funding for behavioral health services in the FY2021 budget.
  • Call Governor Murphyat (609)-292-6000 and provide the following message:
Please ensure that the FY2021 budget supports increased capacity for mental healthcare and substance use treatment services. The demand has increased exponentially and is expected to continue growing. New Jersey's vulnerable children, adults and families rely on this life-saving, cost-effective services.

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