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NJAMHAA’s Partners in Advocacy group is comprised of representatives from member agencies that have built, or are willing to build, relationships with their state representatives at their local offices, and occasionally join NJAMHAA staff at meetings either in Trenton or locally. NJAMHAA provides its Partners (and all members) with advocacy resources that include policy papers templates, meeting requests, and Advocacy Training on a regular basis.

Your advocacy at the local level both supplements the advocacy NJAMHAA does directly with legislators each year, and serves to better educate legislators about the work our members do in their district, as well as its importance to the communities they represent. Building these relationships at the local level opens the door to stronger commitments by a greater number of legislators – not just those who are already connected to our issues through their committee appointments, or past experience, both personal and professional.

If you would like more information on how you can become part of this influential group, please call the NJAMHAA office at (609) 838-5488, ext. 225.

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