Going Forward Reopening Guide For Non-Profits 5/29/20

Adult Core Set Home Page 9-27-19

2019 Adult Core Set Chart Pack, FFY 2018 9-27-19

Performance on the Adult Core Set Measures, FFY 2018 9-27-19

Adult Health Quality Measures Dataset, FFY 2018 9-27-19

Child Core Set Home Page 9-27-19

2019 Child Core Set Chart Pack, FFY 2018 9-27-19

Quality of Care for Children and Adults in Medicaid and CHIP: Overview of Findings from the 2018 Child and Adult Core Sets 9-27-19

Child Health Quality Measures Dataset, FFY 2018 9-27-19

Performance on the Child Core Set Measures, FFY 2018 9-27-19

2019 Rankings Released for Healthiest US Communities  4-18-19

RWJF Life Expectancy Tool by Location  4-18-19

NASHP Report: Cross-Agency Strategies to Address SUD 4-18-19

Protecting Healthcare Personnel Through Emergency Communications  4/4/19

Cryptojacking Best Practices  1/10/19

Five Cyberthreats Healthcare IT Pros Must Tackle  1/10/19

HHS Publishes Guide to Cybersecurity Best Practices  1/04/19

Reputational Risk and Third-Party Validation  12/28/18

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Defending Your Network from Cryptomining  12/28/18

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Article Bundle: From BI to AI

10 Rules for Bring Your Own Device  10/01/18

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New Android Malware With Never-Before-Seen Spying Capabilities   1/17/18

Increase Your Nonprofit's Security Using the Microsoft Cloud   1/11/18

Nonprofit Guidelines for Cybersecurity and Privacy   1/11/18

Microsoft Office 365 Nonprofit Tips   1/11/18

Intel Issues Patches for Meltdown and Spectre Vulnerabiliies   1/4/18

Your Antivirus Software May Prevent You Receiving Microsoft Emergency Patches  1/4/18

Behavioral Health Training Session 12/6/2017
Provider Resources NJ Family Care
New Jersey DHS DMAHS Newsletter Vol 27 No.14
Fraud Magnet Hotline Numbers

Horizon BCBSNJ Credentialing, Re-credentialing and Claims Processing

Google Chrome and Firefox Phishing Scam   4/20/17

A Mobile Security Checklist: The Top Ten Threats to Your Enterprise Today   4/7/17

FFS MHAPPS Excel File for HL7 Export   6/8/17

FDA Cybersecurity in Medical Devices Guidance for Industry   1/03/17

Can We Stop Connected Gadgets From Taking Down the Internet?   10/27/16

Understanding Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks   10/13/16

Data Fees and Healthcare Reform   9/2/16

2016 Cyberthreat Defense Report   8/17/16

HIPAA and Fundraising – Final Rule   8/4/16

NJCCIC Ransomware Updates   8/1/16

Ransomware Resources   7/26/16

HHS Publishes Ransomware Guidance   7/14/16

Critical Intelligence on the Key CYBERTHREATS AND TRENDS OF 2016   7/12/16

This Android Malware can Secretly Root Your Phone and Install Programs  6/27/16

Wiping a Phone in Office365  6/22/16

Got Ransomware? These Tools May Help   5/2/16

Moving to Office 365? Avoid These Common Migration Mistakes   4/21/16

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FBI, Keep Out! How to Encrypt Everything   2/26/16

Cybercrime: Is the Sky Really Falling?   2/23/16

Business Leaders Still in Denial About Cybersecurity Threats   2/22/16

Changing the CFO Mindset on Cybersecurity   2/19/16

Obama's New Cybersecurity Agenda: What You Need to Know   2/11/16
Obama Creating Federal CISO Post   2/11/16

Windows Keyboard Shortcuts   2/5/16

Sharepoint Governance Best Practices   2/5/16

An Ethical Framework for the Use of Social Media by Mental Health Professionals   2/4/16

Hospitals Coming Under Increasing Hack Attacks   2/1/16

The Ultimate Windows 10 Survivor Kit   2/1/16

Microsoft Surface Pro, Pro2 and Pro3 AC power cord Recall and FAQ   1/28/16

Healthcare Data Remains the Holy Grail for Cyber Thieves   1/26/16 

Top Ten Healthcare Cyber Attacks in 2015   1/8/15

EHR Security Challenges   1/6/16

10 Top Health Industry Issues for 2016: IT's Influence   1/5/16

IBM 2015 Cyber Security Intelligence Index   1/5/16

Cyber Attack Survival Checklist   12/31/15

The Year in Security, Identity Theft and Fraud   12/24/15

Smartphone Security   12/18/15

Microsoft Warns of 'Diminished Experience' in Office 365 on IE's Soon-to-be-Obsolete Editions   12/17/15

Cybersecurity Predictions for 2016   12/17/15

Release of De-Identified Health Data Poses Elevated Risk   12/14/15

5 Security Tips That Could Save Your Job   12/14/15

Cyber Attacks Invite Follow-up Fraud Threats to Personal Data   12/11/15

Mental Health Billing Guide   12/10/15

All Windows Users Should Patch These Critical Security Flaws   12/09/15

Biggest Data Breaches of 2015   12/4/15

Tis the Season...of Malware   11/27/15

Look Out for Major Security Problem in Dell Computers   11/24/15

Cybersecurity Threats on the Horizon: 10 Insights from Industry Leaders   11/24/15

Cybercrime is the New Healthcare Crisis   11/24/15

Addressing APTs in Healthcare: Taking a Unified Security Approach   11/24/15

5 Tips for Winning a Bigger Cybersecurity Budget   11/24/15

Three-quarters of Customers Would Reconsider Using a Company in Event of Data Breach   11/24/15

How to Keep Your Data Safe from Cybercrime   11/24/15

New Jersey Medicaid ICD-10 Reminder   11/19/15

Defense Industry Ups Spending to Thwart Cyber-Espionage Campaigns, Report Says   11/18/15

Microsoft Fixes Hyper-V Bug in Windows   11/18/15

Top 10 Features of Office 2016 and Next Generation of Firewalls eBook  11/16/15

10 Reasons Why Phishing Attacks Are Nastier Than Ever   11/10/15

2015 ITRC Data Breach Report   11/04/15

BYOD and the Danger of Litigation   11/03/15

ICD-10 Compliance Updates  10/20/15

Activating Windows 10: How it works under Microsoft's new rules   10/20/15

Road Warriors are Prime Targets for Hackers   10/19/15

Yahoo Scraps User Passwords for Internet E-Mail Service   10/16/15

Reasons  Why Windows 10 Might be Downloading on Domain-Joined Computers   10/14/15

Addressing HIPAA Security and Privacy Requirements in the Microsoft Cloud   10/13/15

How to Configure Wi-Fi Channels for Top Performance    10/08/15

IT Emergency Preparedness    10/01/15 

Best Practices for Cybersecurity Breaches, Incident Response    09/29/15

New Jersey Medicaid ICD NJAMHAA Web Announcement    09/25/15

iOS9 Tips and Tricks You Need to Know    09/25/15

The New Art of War: How Trolls, Hackers, and Spies are Rewriting the Rules of Conflict   09/15/15

Top 10 ICD-10 Codes for Behavioral Health    09/08/15

White Paper-Cyber Attack Survival Checklist    09/08/15

2015 CyberThreat Defense Report    09/08/15

Small Business IT Security Practical Guide    08/26/15

10 reasons you shouldn’t upgrade to Windows 10    08/20/15

Cyber Security: It’s not just about technology    08/20/15

Convention center WiFi provider settles with FCC over automatic hotspot blocking    08/19/15

Unlock the Key to Repel Ransomware    08/18/15

The Evolution of Ransomware    08/18/15

Admins rail against 'unwanted and unexpected' Windows 10 downloads    08/06/15

Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts   8/03/15

How to Upgrade to Windows 10: A Step by Step Walkthrough    8/03/15

How to Protect Your Wireless Network From Wi-Fi Sense in Windows 10   8/03/15

Windows 10 Commendeers Users' Upload Bandwidth 8/03/15

House Passes 21st Century Cures Act With Interoperability Provisions 7/30/15

Patients Worry About Telemedicine 7/30/15

3 Lessons Healthcare Executives Can Learn From The Sony Hack 7/30/15

Best Practices in Secure Messaging: Balancing HIPAA Compliance and Accessibility 7/30/15

Going Mobile: Integrating Mobile to Enhance Patient Care and Practice Efficiency 7/30/15

Telehealth Solutions Favored by Patients and Providers 7/30/15

Internet of Things: Anything You Track Could Be Used Against You 7/28/15

Communicate IT’s Business Benefits More Effectively 7/28/15

Why CIOs Need to Start Using Analytics More Effectively 7/28/15

From Home User Security to Business Level Protection 7/15/15



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