Staff Contact List

Staff Contact List

NJAMHAA's office number is 609-838-5488.


Debra L. Wentz, Ph.D.

President and Chief Executive Officer
Ext. 292

•   Oversees NJAMHAA and NJMHI
•   Addresses issues needing executive input and/or direction.
•   Handles special requests from Board members and external audiences.
•   Addresses all calls from the Governor’s Office, policymakers and legislators that deal with issues other than scheduling.
•   Responds to media requests.
•   Serves as the official NJAMHAA representative.


Mary Abrams

Senior Health Policy Analyst
Ext. 221

•  Contributes to development of policy papers, advocacy materials, grant proposals
•  Synthesizes members’ recommendations on proposed regulations
•  Represents the organization at external and internal meetings.
•  Grant Writer for New Jersey Mental Health Institute; Project Director/Coordinator for NJMHI’s Veterans Focused Evidence Based Practice Training Program
•  Serves as liaison for Board and other committees and practice groups


Ron Gordon

Director, IT Project
Ext. 215

•   Performs on-site systems analyses for agencies to assist them with their technical requirements and planning.
•   Develops and writes technology plans and IT policies and procedures for project customers.
•   Assists the IT Director in investigating and implementing new software or other applications as needed for business operations of NJAMHAA and NJMHI.

Rozanne Harkins

Administrative Assistant
Ext. 200

•   Handles general inquiries.
•   Provides administration assistance to the IT Project and NJAMHAA.

Kate Brace

Coordinator of Advocacy and Member Services
Ext. 225

•  Assists with tracking legislation; writing positions; scheduling meetings with legislators and policymakers; and follow-up communications and other tasks related to these meetings.
•  Assists with membership marketing to engage current members and recruit new members.
•  Writes articles for the member publications.
•  Contributes to social media.

Sean Doris

Technical Support Specialist II \ Help Desk Support
Ext. 214

•   Provides IT Project Help Desk support.
•   Provides onsite assistance for contract customers
•   Updates the NJAMHAA website.

Shauna Moses

Vice President, Public Affairs and Member Services
Ext. 204

•  Serves as liaison for several Board Committees.
•  Represents the organization at external and internal meetings.
•  Oversees production of NJAMHAA electronic and print publications.
•  Provides member services.


Kurt Wallin

Administrative Planner
Ext. 218

•   Oversees all aspects of NJAMHAA and IT conferences and trainings, including sales,marketing and logistics
•   Oversees CEU process and administers certificates to training attendees

June Noto 

Vice President, IT, HR and Administrative Services
Ext. 202

•   Oversees the IT Project and NJAMHAA facilities, security, telecommunications and other operational issues.
•   Addresses IT inquiries
•   Serves as liaison to the Technology Council.

Arthur Powis

Technical Support Specialist 1
Ext. 212

•   Provides onsite technical assistance for members.
•   Assists with network administration.

Thomas Price

LAN/WAN Network Engineer
Ext. 219

•   Provides onsite technical assistance for members.
•   Assists with network administration.

Julia Schneider

Chief Financial Officer
Ext. 201

•   Performs all accounting functions for NJAMHAA and NJMHI.
•   Handles invoice and general billing inquiries.
•   Manages membership dues.
•   Provides technical assistance for Open Systems' Traverse.
•   Manages accounts payable and accounts receivable.
•   Manages payroll.

Jeremy Timberman

IT Production Specialist
Ext. 222

•  Serves as creative director on all IT and NJAMHAA advocacy, informational, promotional and event materials.



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