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NJAMHAA’s mission is to promote the value of its members as the highest quality behavioral healthcare providers for the residents of New Jersey through advocacy and professional development.


Today, the vast majority of individuals with serious mental illnesses and/or substance use disorders (SUD), as well as thousands of other persons with common behavioral problems, live and receive their services in the community. The hospital-based and freestanding behavioral healthcare providers (providers of treatment and support services for individuals who have mental illnesses and/or SUD) that comprise the membership of the New Jersey Association of Mental Health and Addiction Agencies, Inc. (NJAMHAA) are the roots of this community-based system. Providing mental health and SUD treatment services to children and adults, regardless of their ability to pay, NJAMHAA’s members is key to the well being of the residents of New Jersey. For more than seven decades, NJAMHAA has fostered the growth and vitality of this system. Through advocacy, education, training, mutual support, development of key partnerships and a variety of services, NJAMHAA assists agencies committed to improving the availability and quality of behavioral health services throughout the state.

NJAMHAA is comprised of the leading mental healthcare and SUD treatment providers who treat New Jersey residents with either or both of these health conditions, as well as their families. Our membership represents organizations in every county and almost every community statewide. In aggregate, our members help 500,000 children and adults with mental illness and SUD issues and employ 61,000 members of the state's workforce.


Established in 1951, NJAMHAA has become recognized as a leader in providing effective advocacy and legislative support to our members and the community at large. In fact, NJAMHAA was honored by the National Council for Behavioral Health with the Advocacy Leadership Award for Organizational Excellence in June 2020.

Our association creates a face for the population of individuals with mental illness and/or SUD who often have no voice of their own. Making sure individuals with behavioral health disorders are no longer invisible, ignored or misunderstood, NJAMHAA is in the national forefront fighting stigma and discrimination against persons with mental illness and/or SUD, helping them to improve their lives. We educate the public, as well as legislators and other government leaders. By leaning on our comprehensive support structure, our members stay focused on providing a high-quality continuum of care to ensure the recovery of adults and children dealing with mental illness, behavioral and emotional problems, and addictions.

Although we continue to evolve, one thing always remains constant: Our commitment to providers, individuals receiving services and their families, and our efforts help to improve their lives.

Our presence is highly visible to policy makers and state and federal legislators on a consistent basis. NJAMHAA has access to key contacts in Trenton and in the nation's capital and our influence is extensive. Because of the large and comprehensive constituency of provider organizations we represent, NJAMHAA is a highly respected voice for the industry. Known for our persistence and perseverance, we are relentless and successful in our advocacy efforts on behalf of our members, and the individuals and families they serve.

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Transparency Policy of NJAMHAA Regarding Grants

It is the mission of NJAMHAA and the New Jersey Mental Health Institute (NJMHI), its related 501(c)3 of which it is the sole member, to bring training and technical assistance and education to members and staff of behavioral health and substance use disorder treatment organizations. Therefore, NJAMHAA and NJMHI pursue grants and other funding to support both organizations in meeting these goals.

It is with full transparency that NJAMHAA and NJMHI have permission from their Boards to seek grant funding from a variety of federal, state and local government sources even if some member organizations are applying for the same funding opportunities. All members benefit from these funded projects and the increased revenues to NJAMHAA and NJMHI, which result in resources, training and technical assistance for all, enable NJAMHAA to keep any dues increases to only minimal amounts.


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