Practice Groups

The Practice Groups provide opportunities for members from similar programs or in similar job positions to network; share information, concerns and challenges; and develop strategies for addressing these issues. All members are encouraged to share their concerns with other Practice Groups as they see fit and with the Board during Board meetings that are open to all members. To facilitate communications and the sharing of knowledge, it is recommended that members share their concerns with their co-workers and encourage their co-workers to participate on NJAMHAA’s other Practice Groups and the Board meetings that are open to all members, and for all co-workers to share information gained from the meetings they attend.


Population Focused Practice Groups

Four Practice Groups are population focused: Addictions, Adult Mental Health, Children’s, and Hospital Community Integration. These Practice Groups:

  • Focus on policy issues, not clinical issues. This decision, as well as the open Board of Directors’ meetings, is an alternative to the existing Public Policy Committee.
  • Include brief updates (e.g., state and federal budgets; legislation; regulations) on all meeting agendas.
  • Also include Co-Occurring Disorders, Developmental Disabilities/Mental Illness, Clinical Documentation, Quality Assurance, Performance Improvement, Consolidation/Strategic Alliances and Workforce Development on the meeting agendas.
  • Are able to establish ad hoc subgroups following parameters and procedures that will be developed  

Addictions Practice Group - The Addictions Practice Group addresses policy, regulatory and funding issues affecting the addictions treatment community, and develops strategies to effectively advocate on these issues.

NJAMHAA staff contact: Shauna Moses, 609-838-5488, ext. 204;

Adult Mental Health Practice Group - Adult Mental Health address issues  affecting various programs serving adults with mental health disorders, including Integrated Case Management Services, Outpatient Services, Intensive Outpatient Treatment and Support Services, Involuntary Outpatient Commitment, Psychiatric Emergency Services/Screening, Programs for Assertive Community Treatment; Partial Care; Partial Hospitalization; and Inpatient, as well as the integration of physical and behavioral health.

NJAMHAA staff contact: Shauna Moses, 609-838-5488, ext. 204;

Children’s Practice Group - The Children’s Practice group addresses issues affecting various programs serving children, including Care Management Organizations, Children’s Mobile Response and Stabilization services, emergency and acute care services, school-based programs, prevention services, etc.

NJAMHAA staff contact: Mary Abrams, 609-838-5488, ext. 221;

Hospital Community Integration Council - The Hospital Community Integration Council will consist of hospital-based behavioral and medical healthcare providers and community-based behavioral healthcare organizations and be the voice of all by developing and implementing strategies to foster collaboration and integrated care as the system moves to a population health model.

NJAMHAA staff contact: Shauna Moses, 609-838-5488, ext. 204;


Chief Financial Officers (CFO) Practice Group

The Chief Financial Officers (CFO) Practice Group seeks to improve the financial position of NJAMHAA member agencies by providing analysis, support and advocacy to NJAMHAA on member agency or New Jersey state-sponsored initiatives, identifying and assisting in development of cost reduction strategies and operational efficiencies, and identifying and assisting with the development of potential new revenue streams. The group also works to improve the knowledge and skills of NJAMHAA member agencies’ CFOs as they administer New Jersey state budgets and contracts.

NJAMHAA staff contact: Mary Abrams, 609-838-5488, ext. 221;


Information Technology (IT) Practice Groups

Three Practice Groups focus on Information Technology (IT) issues and are facilitated by NJAMHAA’s IT Project. These are the Billing Supervisors, IT Professional Advisory Committeeand the Compliance (formerly Quality Assurance and Compliance) Practice Groups.

NJAMHAA staff contact: June Noto, 609-838-5488, ext. 202;

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