IT Project Services

The IT Project operates similar to a technology consulting firm. Clients purchase a block of time that they may use for any service. Once the block of time is depleted, clients simply purchase more so that their needs will continue to be met.

Other services offered by the NJAMHAA IT Project, some which are free of charge, include:

  Technology leadership and advocacy
  Network administration - NJAMHAA will arrange to provide staff members to go to your site and assist you with your network planning, problem resolution and system maintenance. Contracts are available at various rates and levels of support to meet the needs of both large and small agencies.
  Computer training at your agency – We all know training is the key to utilizing technology to its fullest extent and saves BIG money in the long run. Now, the IT Project has developed a program that makes training an even easier decision to make – onsite training at your agency! The IT Project's onsite training has the dual advantages of offering you expert training at a low cost and saving you money on lost staff time and travel costs. The cost is minimal, at just $650 for one day for up to 10 people, though more can be accommodated.
  Web site development at below market rates - We provide a full Internet Web site creation service for all of our agencies. Prices are well below the commercial rate.
  Group purchasing
  Computer systems analyses
  Help desk support    Click here for current rate card
  User groups - NJAMHAA offers support for all agencies by promoting different users' group meetings to discuss problems and solutions. Presently, we have the following groups: Billing Supervisors and Quality Assurance & Compliance workgroups meet regularly, and soon to host EHR User groups for Qualifacts and Foothold Technology.
  Grant/computer donation information - Members of our staff often receive information from software and hardware companies on procedures for receiving donated items. Any information that we receive is passed on to the agencies. Many companies also provide grants to nonprofit organizations for purchasing hardware, software and other types of equipment. We have provided our agencies with a list of these companies along with the procedures needed to begin the grant proposal process.
  Technology consultation – Technology consultation is presently provided to the agencies at no cost. This service offers help to agencies when they encounter problems using certain software and hardware products. We provide telephone, remote access and on-site support services.

Information technology conferences and workshops – The IT Project hosts an annual technology conference, offering attendees the latest information on popular trends and future technologies, as well as the opportunity to network with dozens of vendors representing top technology companies.


Collaboratives Are the Way to Go for EHRs.  By creating a more affordable way for agencies to implement EHRs, NJAMHAA is helping members maximize their investment and use of this critical technology and qualify for incentive payments from the federal government.  The IT Project is looking to EHR Vendors to join us in forming Collaboratives for mental health and substance use disorder treatment providers.   For more information, contact June Noto, Vice President Information Technology, Human Resources and Administrative Services at (609) 838-5488 Ext. 202 or

These services are available to all NJAMHAA members, as well as any other agency that receives funding from the Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services. Also, NJAMHAA's wealth of experience and knowledge on creating technology solutions and fulfilling training needs for non-profit organizations makes it an ideal choice for a traditional non-profit struggling to implement technology to streamline operations.
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