State Department of Treasury Launches Financial Literacy Website

January 26, 2023

Financial Wellness Is One of the Eight Dimensions of Wellness, Significantly Reduces Stress

The New Jersey Department of Treasury launched a website with online courses with a progress-tracking feature, educational materials and other tools to help residents develop their financial literacy and wellness. All of these resources are available at no cost.

While many resources are available without needing to sign up to use them, those who do sign up will have a personalized platform. Courses, tools and resources will be recommended based on each person's interests and level of financial literacy and wellness (stress score) that they indicate in their profile and through an initial assessment, or checkup, as Melinda Caliendo, Public Information Officer in the Department of Treasury, explained during a recent webinar hosted by Senator Vin Gopal. The checkup is repeated on a regular basis so participants can see how they are progressing.

The website's Tools Hub includes a budget creator, retirement analyzer, credit card pay-down, and one for deciding to buy or lease a car, as well as school and job searches. There is also content specific for students and others designed for the elderly. In addition, the website is mobile friendly and has an option to be translated into Spanish. Although the videos cannot be translated, there are transcripts for the videos that can be provided in Spanish.

For additional information and to request a presentation/demonstration of this website and the resources for your organization, contact Caliendo at

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