Nine-Bill Package Aims to Address Healthcare Workforce Crisis in NJ

December 29, 2022

New Jersey has been contending with a healthcare workforce crisis, just as many other states across the nation. This crisis has prompted headlines such as "If You Get Sick in NJ, Are There Enough Health Care Workers to Take Care of You?", published on

In response to the issues faced by healthcare workers, those seeking care, job seekers, and many more, a nine-bill package is expected to be considered by New Jersey lawmakers early next year. Alexis Bailey, Vice President of Government Affairs, New Jersey Business & Industry Association, stated that the proposed package would help attract individuals into healthcare professions and ease regulatory burdens while maintaining the highest level of care for residents. She was quoted on saying, "This is a win-win for business, the health care industry, job seekers across the state and for state government."

Proposed legislation includes:

  • A4617 - Would require the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development (DOLWD) to identify and recruit unemployed individuals for employment in healthcare facilities.
  • A4618 - Would create an online job portal for behavioral healthcare workers and an online internship and externship portal for healthcare students.
  • A4614 - Would modify the Nursing Faculty Loan Redemption Program to incentivize people to become nursing teachers.
  • A4613 - Would appropriate $10 million to rename, extend eligibility, and make various other changes to the Primary Care Practitioner Loan Redemption Program for primary care physicians, pediatric doctors, psychiatrists, and any other types of physicians identified by the Department of Labor (DOL) as being in short supply.
  • A4615 - Would require the state to foster development and implementation of graduate medical education programs in behavioral health care.
  • A4616 - Would allow for the passage of a Certified Respiratory Therapist examination to qualify for licensure as a respiratory therapist.
  • A4619 - Would codify and extend authorization for certain out-of-state health practitioners and recent graduates of healthcare training programs to practice in New Jersey.
  • A4620 - Would provide for enrollment as NJ FamilyCare providers in conjunction with licensure applications; and would require health insurance carriers to determine provider enrollment within six months of application.
  • A4621 - Would require the issuance of reports on certain information and data on the processing of applications for professional and occupational licenses, and mandate review of training and call intake in the Division of Consumer Affairs.

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