DDD Shares Update on Enhanced Funding for Day Services Reconciliation

June 9, 2022

On October 1, 2021, rates for Day Services (i.e., Career Planning, Community Inclusion Services, Day Habilitation, Prevocational Training - Group and Individual, and Supported Employment - Group and Individual) were increased due to one-time funding appropriated to the Division's FY22 budget, as outlined in the Division of Developmental Disabilities' (DDD's) newsletter on Payments for Day Services. As part of the rate increases, a portion was delivered as an Enhanced Rate requiring monthly reconciliations. Further, due to the nature of the one-time increase as specified in the legislation, the Division will disburse proportional one-time lump sum payments of the projected underspent funds to providers.

The below referenced document describes the manner in which final reconciliations will occur and the one-time lump sum payments will be calculated and released.

Enhanced Funding for Day Services Reconciliation

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