Provider Shares Heartwarming Example of the Value of Behavioral Health Services

May 4, 2022

"The power of hope: That's where we come in as providers. That one interaction, that one engagement can really change the trajectory for an individual in need. You're really looking at a multigenerational solution because we have the opportunity to engage not just the mom, but also the child." -- Susan Loughery, MBA, Associate Executive Director, Catholic Charities, Diocese of Trenton, discussing the organization's For My Baby and Me program

Click here to watch a video of Susan sharing more examples of the value of services that Catholic Charities, Diocese of Trenton and many other agencies throughout New Jersey provide.

Videos from individuals who have greatly benefited from behavioral healthcare treatment and support services are available on the New Jersey Association of Mental Health and Addiction Agencies' (NJAMHAA's) YouTube channel.

"These inspiring success stories are examples of the tens of thousands of New Jerseyans who incarnate the positive impact of mental health and substance use treatment and support services, which empower individuals to achieve their full potential." - Debra L. Wentz, PhD, President and CEO of NJAMHAA

Please click here to read NJAMHAA's FY2023 budget priorities and here to download NJAMHAA's campaign, Diverse Faces, Many Lives: New Jerseyans Rely on Mental Health and Substance Use Services to Thrive, to read additional uplifting success stories and the role community-based services play when fully funded.

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