Staff Contact List

Staff Contact List

NJAMHAA's office number is 609-838-5488.


Debra L. Wentz, Ph.D.

President and Chief Executive Officer
Ext. 292
dwentz at njamhaa dot org

•   Oversees NJAMHAA and NJMHI
•   Addresses issues needing executive input and/or direction.
•   Handles special requests from Board members and external audiences.
•   Addresses all calls from the Governor’s Office, policymakers and legislators that deal with issues other than scheduling.
•   Responds to media requests.
•   Serves as the official NJAMHAA representative.


Mary Abrams

Senior Health Policy Analyst
Ext. 221
mabrams at njamhaa dot org

•  Contributes to development of policy papers, advocacy materials, grant proposals
•  Synthesizes members’ recommendations on proposed regulations
•  Represents the organization at external and internal meetings.
•  Grant Writer for New Jersey Mental Health Institute; Project Director/Coordinator for NJMHI’s Veterans Focused Evidence Based Practice Training Program
•  Serves as liaison for Board and other committees and practice groups

Mark DePazza

Technical Support Specialist II \ Help Desk Support

mdepazza at njamhaa dot org

•   Provides IT Project Help Desk support.
•   Provides onsite assistance for contract customers

Ron Gordon

Director, IT Project
Ext. 215
rgordon at njamhaa dot org

•   Performs on-site systems analyses for agencies to assist them with their technical requirements and planning.
•   Develops and writes technology plans and IT policies and procedures for project customers.
•   Assists the IT Director in investigating and implementing new software or other applications as needed for business operations of NJAMHAA and NJMHI.

Rozanne Harkins

Administrative Assistant
Ext. 200
RHarkins at njamhaa dot org

•   Handles general inquiries.
•   Provides administration assistance to the IT Project and NJAMHAA.

Ksenia Lebedeva

Coordinator of Advocacy and Member Services
Ext. 225
klebedeva at njamhaa dot org

•  Assists with tracking legislation; writing positions; scheduling meetings with legislators and policymakers; and follow-up communications and other tasks related to these meetings.
•  Assists with membership marketing to engage current members and recruit new members.
•  Writes articles for the member publications.
•  Contributes to social media.

Shauna Moses

Vice President, Public Affairs and Member Services
Ext. 204

smoses at njamhaa dot org

•  Serves as liaison for several Board Committees.
•  Represents the organization at external and internal meetings.
•  Oversees production of NJAMHAA electronic and print publications.
•  Provides member services.


Julie Moy

Administrative Event Planner
Ext. 218
jmoy at njamhaa dot org 

•   Oversees all aspects of NJAMHAA and IT conferences and trainings.
•   Updates the IT database and NJAMHAA Membership Directory and database.
•   Oversees CEU process.
•   Updates the NJAMHAA website.
•   Outreaches to potential new members.

June Noto 

Vice President, IT, HR and Administrative Services
Ext. 202
jnoto at njamhaa dot org

•   Oversees the IT Project and NJAMHAA facilities, security, telecommunications and other operational issues.
•   Addresses IT inquiries
•   Serves as liaison to the Technology Council.

Arthur Powis

Technical Support Specialist 1
Ext. 212
apowis at njamhaa dot org

•   Provides onsite technical assistance for members.
•   Assists with network administration.

Julia Schneider

Chief Financial Officer
Ext. 201
jschneider at njamhaa dot org

•   Performs all accounting functions for NJAMHAA and NJMHI.
•   Handles invoice and general billing inquiries.
•   Manages membership dues.
•   Provides technical assistance for Open Systems' Traverse.
•   Manages accounts payable and accounts receivable.
•   Manages payroll.

Jeremy Timberman

IT Production Specialist
Ext. 222

jtimberman at njamhaa dot org

•  Serves as creative director on all IT and NJAMHAA advocacy, informational, promotional and event materials.

Kurt Wurmser

LAN/WAN Engineer
Ext. 219
kwurmser at njamhaa dot org

Responsible for: 
•   USTF inquiries
•   GEMMA support
•   Network Administration


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