NJAMHAA is constantly advocating for the interests of your organization and lobbying to garner support from state legislators and policymakers, as well as our U.S. Congressional delegates.  We monitor all current state and federal legislation, funding proposals and other policies that impact our members' ability to deliver mental healthcare, substance use treatment and support services and convey our positions to the appropriate decision makers.  Through our visibility and strong presence, we ensure that your organization's concerns are expressed and that your organization's interests are represented.

To ensure maximum effectiveness of our advocacy, NJAMHAA works closely with members.  By gaining invaluable, expert input from members, NJAMHAA staff is able to fully illustrate how state and federal issues affect member providers and their abilities to deliver services to children and adults in need. Members' insights greatly contribute to developing strategies for high-impact advocacy communications.




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As our members dedicate their time to helping individuals with mental illnesses and substance use disorders to recover and integrate into the communities of New Jersey, keeping up with the latest changes and trends and complying with hundreds of regulatory and documentation requirements can be time-consuming. However, continual learning and skill development are necessary to operate most effectively and best support recipients of mental health and substance use services and their families so they will not be just faces in the crowd. NJAMHAA has developed these services to provide our members with quick and easy access to the information and solutions they need:

  • Expert Advocacy - Honored nationally as a leading behavioral health advocate, NJAMHAA is in the forefront on issues of concern to the behavioral health community. We exert enormous influence over a wide range of issues and maintain key contacts and relationships with the Governor's Office, as well as state policymakers and key legislative leaders in the state and federal governments. Whether through a face-to-face meeting with a Congressional representative, grassroots lobbying with state legislators, or coordinated communications with the media and public officials, NJAMHAA effectively brings the concerns of our membership to those in power. 
    • E-mail alerts - Our e-mail alerts provide members with up-to-the-minute news on all issues requiring immediate attention, such as breaking legislative and policy actions and important opportunities for advocacy.
  • Facilitating Forums for Exchange - Through a wide variety of practice groupscouncils and conferences, NJAMHAA provides our members with forums for active exchange with local and national leaders, as well as peers. Through these forums, our members gain insight into the pressing issues in the behavioral healthcare industry and the greater healthcare community that affect the ability of individuals with mental illnesses and/or substance use disorders to achieve true acceptance by society. Click here to access the Committee and Practice Group Calendar
    • Conferences, Workshops and Training Sessions - Our ambitious and aggressive conference agenda, designed with our members' busy schedules in mind, ensures that all members have opportunities to learn from industry leaders and to stay on the cutting edge of behavioral health care and supportive services.
  • Publications - Targeting the specific needs of our membership, our newsletters save members time and money while providing all the leading industry news in behavioral health. Our publications include:
    • NJAMHAA Newswire -- Electronic newsletter published three times a week providing timely information about state and federal legislation and regulations that impact the mental health, substance use and developmental disabilities communities; requests for proposals; and grants, funding and business development opportunities.
    • NJAMHAA News -- News Journal Assisting Mental Health and Addiction Agencies, a quarterly publication featuring news about members, and NJAMHAA staff's initiatives, including upcoming and recent training events, advocacy achievements and information technology (IT) resources and services that we provide for our members. NJAMHAA News is sent not only to members, but also to state legislators and policymakers, and our Congressional delegates, serving as a tool to educate decision makers about the impact of our members' programs, and therefore, garner their support to ensure sufficient funding and practical regulations and legislation.
    • Bits & Bytes -- This IT resource provides valuable tips to keep your systems working safely and efficiently, as well as important news related to IT, such as HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) security and electronic records.
  • Connections with Top Business Leaders - To increase members' access to the entire mental health and substane use services field, NJAMHAA also established a variety of associate membership councils with industries with interests in behavioral health, providing a unique two-way opportunity for our members and representatives from the nation's top companies to meet and network. These Councils include:
    • The Integrated Health Care Council provides links between members and corporate entities that are involved in the mental health and substance use service fields.
    • The Life Science and Innovations Council serves as a forum to share ideas and information among pharmaceutical companies, our members and the state's mental health and substance use service stakeholders. This partnership with the pharmaceutical industry provides education and aims to increase access to the full continuum of treatment that can improve the functioning and quality of life for recipients of behavioral healthcare services.
    • The Technology Council offers NJAMHAA members one-on-one contact with the nation's leading behavioral health technology companies. NJAMHAA and the IT Project facilitate access to the council and the many benefits that the council members' products offer specific to the IT operations of NJAMHAA member agencies.
    • The Education Council serves as a forum for mentoring, internship and employment opportunites for students.
  • Additional Services and Partnerships to Help Strengthen Member Organizations - In these challenging economic times, innovative, cost-effective solutions are needed to meet individuals' needs for behavioral health care and to keep your business viable.


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