NJAMHAA Member Integrity House Featured and Hailed in Star-Ledger Article about the Heroin Crisis

"If it weren't for Integrity House, I'd be dead," Barbara, an Integrity House client, was quoted in the Star-Ledger (June 27, 2014) in a feature article about the heroin crisis and shortage of treatment beds.

"Barbara is lucky. She has one of a few thousand licensed short- or long-term inpatient substance abuse treatment beds in New Jersey. Put another way, she won the addicts' lottery - scoring a chance to get clean in a state-licensed residential facility. In New Jersey, it's a dream that's never been further out of reach," as described by the reporter.

"While there is no uniform data on the number of people on waiting lists, interviews with treatment experts and the anecdotal evidence suggest there is "a woeful lack of treatment beds in New Jersey," Evan Weiss, Integrity House's Director of Admissions told the Star-Ledger.

People "are quickly moving from prescription drugs to heroin. It's like lightning," said Robert Budsock, CEO of Integrity House. He noted that many individuals need medical detoxification and residential treatment to rebuild their lives.

"A lot of addicts need a program like this; they don't have anything when they come in," said Patricia Kazanowski, a counselor at Integrity House who is also in recovery from a heroin addiction. "I've probably been in almost every treatment facility in New Jersey. There aren't a lot of programs like this around. They do need more," she told the Star-Ledger.

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